Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How long is the warranty? How to apply for a warranty?

Each Meiigoo product purchased from any authorized seller has a twelve-month warranty from the date of purchase, providing by the online stores from where you purchased the device. For after-sale support, please contact online sellers.


Q2:How can I locate my IMEI number?    

Please go to “Phone -- dial pad and enter the code *#06#. “Your IMEI number should appear on your screen. We also include your IMEI number on one side of your Meiigoo handset's box.


Q3: How to make a screenshot?

Press the home and power buttons simultaneously, and hold for 3 seconds. Then go to Albums -- Screenshot to check and edit it.


Q4: How to update my device via OTA? 

Please follow on these steps: “Settings” > “About phone” > “Wireless update” > “Check for updates” > “Update” > “Done”


Q5: How to check whether the network frequency is compatible to my country?

Please kindly match the phone network bands with the bands that your local carriers support. if matched, then the phone’s network can work well. More details about frequency issue, you could check here: http://willmyphonework.net/


Q6:What should I do if my phone can’t be charged?

Please follow the trouble shooting steps below to solve your issue:
1. Please check the charger, USB data cable and battery, if they were broken, change another one;
2. Please reactivate, refresh the firmware.


Q7: What should I do if the GPS does not work?

Please check the possible reason and troubleshooting steps below to solve your issue:

1.The signal indoors is not strong enough for your current location, please walk around and find a place with better signal;

2.The firmware is not working, please download the firmware from the official website.


Q8: What should I do if I can not take photos?

Please update the firmware to the latest version.


Q9: What should I do if the screen flickers?

Please check the possible reason and trouble shooting below to solve your issue:

1. You enabled [Automatic brightness], please disable it;

2.Applications installed are not compatible, please uninstall or update those incompatible applications;

3.The phone suffers strong ambient electromagnetic interference, please keep the phone far away from sources of strong electromagnetic interference.


Q10: How to fix low calling volume issue?


Please follow the trouble shooting steps below to solve your issue:
1) Please press the “vol+” button to adjust the volume;
2) Please check if the speaker is blocked. If it were, you should remove the barrier;
3) Replace the time, location, contact, to check whether it’s the network problems.
If the above methods have failed to solve your problem, please contact the reseller to apply for warranty or refund.